Smoothies: Easier And Tastier

A healthy smoothie is a great way to start the day, can be a nice morning snack or afternoon pick-me-up. But I know what you are thinking, too much effort, right? But it doesn’t have to be. We have put together some of the best time saving tips and tasty tricks to help you reap the benefits of a quick and easy smoothie every day.


Adding your liquid base to the blender first will prevent any damage to the blades. Depending on the type of smoothie you want to make, you can choose regular milk, coconut milk, almond milk, yoghurt, coconut water or even just water. As water contains no calories, it is a great option for a low calorie smoothie and it won’t change the flavour.


A good quality high speed blender is essential for making the perfect smoothie, especially if you are using frozen fruit or ice. The best blender for smoothies is 1000 watts or higher. This will limit the amount of blending time and the amount of times you need to stop and shake it. If your blender does get stuck, turn it off and shake before blending it again. Sometimes if a lot of frozen fruit is used, your smoothie may be too thick, causing the blender to get stuck. Adding some more liquid to the smoothie will help to create the perfect consistency.

Superfood add-ins

These days there are so many superfoods that people love to add to smoothies such as protein powder, maca, acai, cacao, spirulina and flax seeds. While this does give your smoothie a huge nutritional boost, you can save time buy purchasing a superfood mix that contains a blend of these superfood ingredients. This will save you time fumbling around with different jars and packets.

Fresh fruits

For the perfect consistency try using a creamy fruit such as a pear, mango, peach or banana. Don’t overdo it with the water-rich fruits such as oranges, kiwi and watermelon as your smoothie will become too runny. However, if you are using fresh fruits and would like to thicken your smoothie, add a couple of ice cubes.

Prepare and freeze your ingredients

Cut your fruit up and store in snaplock bags in the freezer. This makes putting together your smoothie in the morning so much easier and it ensures the fruit and vegetables don’t lose their vitamins and minerals. Make sure you wash your fruits before cutting them up and storing them. Mixing the fruit and storing them in the freezer will give you smoothie packs for the whole week. Measure out the ingredients and when you need a smoothie pour the contents of the bag into the blender. Easy!

Buy frozen where you can

For some ingredients such as berries, mango and pineapple, buy frozen bags at your local supermarket to save the hassle of chopping all together. Not only will they retain their nutritional value and flavour, they will instantly chill your smoothie, so no need to add ice. Some supermarkets even sell mixed frozen smoothie packs. So you only need the one bag!


While fruits and vegetables you put in your smoothie will create a nice sweet flavour, sometimes it is just not enough. While an overripe banana can provide a sweet addition to your smoothie, if you wish to naturally sweeten your smoothie we recommend adding some dates, vanilla extract, honey, or some Stevia.

Smoothies as meal replacements

Adding a cup of oats to your smoothie will make it more filling without compromising on taste, as oats have very little flavour. Adding some protein powder or nut butter will add a much needed protein boost if you are opting for a smoothie for breakfast or lunch.


Take the time to experiment with measurements and flavours to find a texture and flavour you like. You may have to add more fruit or liquid, depending on the type of fruit you choose. Once you have found this, smoothie making will not only be tasty but they will be so quick and easy to make!

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