Our Guide To Choosing The Best Jeans For Your Body Shape

Jeans have been a wardrobe staple for decades and even today, remain a favourite in every woman’s wardrobe. The reason? A good, well-fitting pair of jeans will show off your assets and hide your insecurities and can make any woman feel confident and sexy.

But with so many different styles, cuts and colours available, finding the perfect pair of jeans for your shape and budget can prove to be a difficult exercise. Knowing what jeans will flatter, but most importantly, fit your body shape, will make this daunting task so much easier.

So, if you are overwhelmed by the thought of jeans shopping, read on, as we have compiled the ultimate guide to finding the perfect jeans for your shape, helping to make your next shopping trip a breeze.


If you are an hourglass shape you will have a fuller bust and hips and a smaller waist. Try a high waistline in a boot cut or flare. Choosing a cut that is fitted through the thighs and flares out at the bottom will show off your curves while balancing out your hips. Opt for a pair with a contoured waistband and plenty of stretch to comfortably fit your hips and derriere.


If you are petite you are generally shorter than 5’3 or 160cm. Look for a pair of straight cut jeans in a darker wash. A straight cut will create a vertical line from your hips to the hem, helping to elongate your legs. Make sure you choose a pair of jeans that are fitted to your body to avoid becoming lost in a loose fit.


If you are a pear or triangle shape you will have smaller shoulders and bust with larger hips, butt and thighs. Choose a darker shade of denim, as a lighter shade will draw more attention to your bottom half. Find a balance between stretch and space, opt for a slim fit that will hug your curves without looking too baggy. Avoid jeans that sit too low and opt for a mid-rise or high waisted fit.


If you have an athletic or rectangle build you will have a small bust, little waist definition and a small butt and hips. Choosing tight fitting skinny jeans with tapered legs will help create the illusion of a curvier body shape. Choose a pair in a low-rise fit with back pockets that sit high to help add shape and lift your butt.


While being tall means you can pull of almost any style of jeans, finding a pair that is long enough can often prove difficult. We love a straight or boot-cut style jean that brings attention to your long legs without hugging them too tight. A mid-rise or low-rise fit can also add a flattering curve effect to your butt and hips.


If you are an apple shape you are fuller in the tummy area. Your aim is to flatter your tummy and show off your hips, so look for jeans that are mid-rise or high waisted in stretchy fabric to smooth your tummy without being too tight. While most cuts will suit your shape, a boot-cut style is particularly flattering. Choose a lighter shade to draw the eye to your lower half and create a balanced look.

Finally, don’t buy online! Make the effort to head in store to guarantee you will walk away with the perfect fit!

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